Klaren Clean's Power Disk - 6 Inch Rotary / Dual-Action Clay Pad

$ 19.99 $ 44.99

You have a job to do, and there are only so many hours in the day.  We've been there, and we have you covered.  The Power Disk was designed with speed in mind.  Ideal for body shops, dealerships, and high-volume detailing, Power Disk attaches to hook-and-loop backing pads for rotary and random-orbital (dual-action) buffers to save time while decontaminating paint.  The combination of rapid, mechanical action and large surface area effortlessly powers through contamination to restore clarity and slickness to paint.

  • Fast! - 28 square inches of grit-lifting power for your machine polishers
  • Easy to use - Our substrate is bonded to flexible foam, allowing the pad to trace the contours of your vehicle.
  • Versatile - Klaren's multi-surface pad can be used on automotive paint and glass surfaces
  • Economical - Rinse and reuse until it's worn or clogged

Remember, clay products are slightly abrasive, so our team recommends polishing and sealing paint surfaces after using this product to remove micromarring from the polisher.

Fits most hook and loop backing plates for 6-inch pads.

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