Frequently Asked Questions and Care Instructions

"How do I use my new Kleanmitt?"

Step 1.

Thoroughly wash your vehicle with the soft microfiber side of your Kleanmitt--we recommend using your favorite car shampoo mixed in a bucket of clean water.

Step 2.

Rinse your vehicle.

Step 3.

Decontaminate the paint by washing the car again, this time using the polymer side of your mitt. Using very little pressure, pass the Kleanmitt over the wet surface.  Rinse your Kleanmitt periodically to reduce the risk of removed contamination scratching the paint.

Step 4.

Rinse the car and dry it to reveal slick, beautiful paint!


"Will the Kleanmitt remove wax from my car?"

The micropolymer may remove some, or most of your wax.  Klaren recommends waxing the paint after using the Kleanmitt to preserve your finish.


"Can I use my Kleanmitt on the windows or plastic lights?"

Absolutely.  The Kleanmitt is a versatile tool, and using it on the lights or exterior glass will not cause damage.  Follow the instructions above for best results.


"Do I need to press hard while using the Kleanmitt?"

Hard pressure is not necessary to effectively remove contaminants.  Applying too much pressure could cause undesirable micromarring (fine scratches) or streaks.  Let the advanced microabrasive polymer do the hard work for you.


"Help!  My Kleanmitt left a small, dark streak on a panel edge! How do I remove it?"

Klaren recommends using Goo-Gone, a gentle citrus cleaner, to dissolve the blemish without damaging the surface below.  Apply a small amount of Goo-Gone to a microfiber cloth (not your Kleanmitt), and delicately massage the rubber streak.  It will dissolve in seconds!

 "Can I use any heavy-duty degreasers with my Kleanmitt?"

No.  Heavy-duty degreasers and solvents will damage the mitt by causing the polymer to dissolve.


"I dropped my Kleanmitt. Do I have to throw it away?"

No!  Unlike traditional clay bar, which must be thrown away if it is dropped, the Kleanmitt can be cleaned.  Rinse it with your wash solution (car soap and water), or with cool water to remove as much contamination as possible.  Visually inspect the mitt for debris before using it again.


Care Instructions:

When you are finished using your Kleanmitt, soak it in cool water to release dirt and grime.  Squeeze it to remove moisture, and hang it to dry.  We want you to enjoy your Kleanmitt as long as possible, so please do not expose it to high temperatures or clean it with hot water.  For these reasons and those above,do not launder your Kleanmitt in a washer or dryer.