About Klaren

Automotive detailing is difficult from start to finish, which creates a strong entry barrier for novices and casual users. Klaren breaks the first entry barrier with Kleanmitt, which integrates micro abrasive surface decontamination with the wash process to save time and minimize effort while maximizing shine and surface receptiveness to polishes and waxes. The correct tools for the job have already been chosen, and the user can get to work immediately without having to buy multiple products. Effectively, we have reduced the number of required items by half. Klaren takes concepts that are proven winners from the detailing community (microfiber performance, clay bar, etc.) and puts them together in a comprehensive package. Purchasing the products that are required for a proper prep job is expensive ($50+), and the Kleanmitt is a complete solution at less than 80% of that cost.

Competing products work at the top rung of the detailing skill ladder and force users to climb via time-consuming, expensive trial and error. Simply put, some are too much trouble to use and have difficulties that have not been overcome until now. Top-performing wax formulas have not changed to battle the damaging effects of our strengthening environment and thinner paint, all while vehicle preservation is at an all-time low. The detailing process is certainly rewarding, but often not enjoyable. In a time where consumers value instant gratification, we cater to their needs by providing products that produce the best results as quickly as possible. Producing the products is not enough. They must be familiar, intuitive, and available at entry-level prices that encourage trial and dissolve the prospect of buyer’s remorse.

At Klaren, we strive to support you and vehicles that transcend the ordinary by creating detailing tools that remind us that achieving a show-car finish is possible. Our mission is to develop and deliver functional, practical, inventive, and affordable products that help eliminate obstacles to detailing effectively, efficiently, responsibly, and compassionately.

We’re glad you visited, because each person that is interested in detailing with no obstacles is another person that engages in the fine art.  Become an artisan one step at a time with our system, and take the time to appreciate the magnificent work you have done.