Don't Bother Detailing Without Clay Bar May 11 2017

It's that important.  The clay bar may have been invented in 1990, but it has been rediscovered and redesigned in recent years.  It's the most important tool in your detailing arsenal, next to your sponge, and you deserve to know why.

Have a long talk with any skilled professional, and they'll tell you that preparation is the most important part of their process.  It's true for writers, craftsmen, and detailers alike.  Your goal in the prep stage of any project is to lay the foundation for each subsequent step, so your work flows smoothly and effortlessly.

For connoisseurs and professionals who plan to polish their car's paint, clay is absolutely necessary.  Machine polishers refine paint on a microscopic scale.  These technicians spend hours removing paint by the micron until surfaces are clean and level.  The nuances of machine polishing can be saved for another day, but what you need to know is this:

Polishers spin at thousands of RPM or OPM (orbitals per minute) while whisking away microscopic paint particles with fine, precisely engineered abrasives.  If dirt, or embedded contaminants get stuck between the paint and the polishing pad, they will grind into the surface aggressively, leaving a marred finish.

I can tell you, from personal experience, that it's extremely frustrating and not always apparent at first glance.  Sometimes the light has to catch the surface just right for you to see entire panels hologrammed or micromarred into oblivion.  Wasted time.  Wasted product.  Wasted money.  All of which could have been avoided with diligent preparation.

Clay is just as beneficial for the weekend detailer who just wants a wash 'n wax for the next show 'n shine.  Embedded dirt is a barrier between wax and your paint.  Use a clay bar, and remove microscopic contaminants that diffuse light as it strikes the paint.  Use a clay bar, and your wax will have a stronger bond with the surface.  Most car waxes contain fillers to hide light scratches, hazing, and swirl marks.  When you clay, you open voids in the paint, allowing wax to fill them and cover the damage.

TL;DR -- Claying your car improves the shine and helps wax last longer while doing its job right. Simple enough?

The detailing world doesn't need another wax or brush, but it needs a reliable supplier of high-quality products.  That's why Klaren chose to focus on surface prep products.  We choose to inspect every mitt that goes out by hand.  We choose to stand behind our clay mitts and offer a satisfaction guarantee.  It's our commitment to you.