Concours Clean and You March 17 2016

Every year, the world's most beautiful and valuable vehicles and their owners assemble for a public showcase.  In detailing circles, these are known as "Concours" events.

Owners and custodians display their vehicles to the public and to judges with discriminating taste, whose job is to evaluate the cars based on their cleanliness, quality, and originality.  The highest-scoring vehicles are often rarely driven and kept in private collections. 

Your daily driver may be far from museum quality, so it seems like we're comparing apples to oranges, but the Concours has done something important for weekend warriors and detailing enthusiasts.  It set the bar for quality, defining what a well-maintained car should look like.

With little effort, the cumulative effects of periodic cleaning can leave you with a vehicle in showroom condition, so it's important that you know where to start.

To make this easier, we can subdivide your car into five main sections:

  1. Interior
  2. Exterior
  3. Trunk / Storage Compartments
  4. Engine Bay
  5. Under-body

Your goal is to restore them to factory condition to the best of your ability, using the tools that work best for you.  There are many ways to approach the detailing process, and you may or may not agree with ours, but the goal is the same.  Focus on cleanliness, take pride in your work, and have fun!